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ATTENTION Conscious Growth-Oriented Professionals & Business Leaders who want to navigate this Era of Disruptions by RISING ABOVE the turbulence of our times…


A New Paradigm is being established in every arena of life – economic, socio-political, technological, spiritual, and so many others. These changes bring up many questions:

  • How can we thrive in these times of massive shifts?
  • How can we position ourselves ahead of the curve?
  • What internal and external changes can we create to maximize the unique energy of our time?

Join some of the top experts in Health, Business, Wealth and Personal Development as we discuss the nature of the Paradigm Shifts that are occurring in our world, and how to position ourselves so we can benefit from them instead of being victimized by them.

Now is the perfect time to take a deep dive into these questions, so that we can be effective leaders in our world.

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Here’s what you’ll learn from these Thought Leaders…
Each of our speakers bring decades of experience and knowledge in their chosen field. I hand-picked the people who are at the top of their game… who LIVE their success… and for whom I have the utmost respect for… and I knew would be bringing massive value to the table!

You can click on the speaker’s image to read their bio.

Days 1-2: Uplevel Your Health

Mariko Hirakawa

Opening Ceremony

5 Ways Yoga & Ayurveda Can Revolutionize the Way You Show Up in Your Business & Life

Visionary Yoga LLC

Debora Wayne

Live Pain-Free: The Most Rapid Solution for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More!

The Biofield Healing Institute®

Kat James

Is it Really Possible to Age in Reverse?

Informed Beauty

Neža Karba

Enter the Flow State With NirvanaFitness


Dorci Hill

Habitual Happiness – It’s An Inside Job

Wellness & Happiness Lifestyle Expert

Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

Yoga For Optimized Health, Wellness, and Performance

Naked Moment

David Sandoval

New Green Economy: reshaping free enterprise to serve humanity

David Sandoval Academy of Learning and Purium

Day 3: Uplevel Your Business

Louise Crooks

A Shifting Paradigm in Marketing and Sales – Eliminating the Pushy Tactics we all Hate, and Introducing Consciousness, Integrity and Love

Keys to Clarity

Lorenzo Hickey

Key Strategies and Solutions to Build a Sustainable and Viable Email and Mobile Texting Funnel


Grace Lanni

What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube: Designing Your Online Reputation for Success

All About That Brand

Sharifah Hardie

Changing Mindset in Media

In the News PR

Liz Wilkes

Paradigm Shift: From Health to Wellness in the Corporate World


Day 4: Uplevel Your Wealth

Eiji Morishita

10X Quantum Leap: How to Exponentially Grow Your Wealth & Impact

Movement Makers

Suzanne Doyle-Ingram

How Writing a Book Can Be the Tool to Uplevel Your Business or Life’s Work

Prominence Publishing

Lynn Kirkham

Speak So Others Will Listen: Using Your Voice to Elevate Your Impact

Yes You Can Speak

Grace K. Morris

Economic, Real Estate and Business Cycles for 2020

Astro Economics, Inc.

Arman Rousta

How Cryptocurrency Is Revolutionizing The World of Commerce

b.labs ventures

Day 5: Uplevel Your Mindset

Muriël Dalmulder

Unlock Your Subconscious Power

Leadership Coach and Speaker

Helena Demuynck

Be Your Own Leader: The Habits You Must Stop to Be a Successful Leader


Carola Eastwood & Chetan Parkyn

Human Design – A Return to Wholeness

Human Design for Us All

Hadley Fitzgerald

Astrology: The Microscope & Telescope for Changing Times

Psychotherapist and Astrologer

Day 6: Bonus

Dr. Talavane Krishna

Ayurveda: Ancient Medicine for the New Era

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center (IVAC)

Amaru Meru

The Awakening and the Rise of Global Consciousness

Real Revolution Radio X.O

Hi, I’m Mariko – Your Summit Host.

I’m the international best-selling author of Yoga of Personal Development: Enlightened Lessons on Leadership, Peak Performance and Living a Life of No Regrets, a Yoga-Ayurveda expert trained in India, and founder of Visionary Yoga, a unique company that positions Yoga as personal development.

It’s my mission in life to create an enlightened society by sharing Yoga as the most powerful technology for personal evolution.

I’ve helped Top Business Leaders clarify their Vision and Legacy for both their businesses and personal lives, and walk unapologetically towards living their Highest Expression.

This Summit is dedicated to YOU, Kindred Spirit, who recognizes that these massive waves of change presents a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for growth – personally, spiritually, and for your business.

The Paradigm is shifting, and those who hear the call must dare to raise their consciousness and step ahead of the crowd as Enlightened Leaders, so that our planet can thrive.

If you’re here, I know you are that special soul.

Join me in this Summit and discover the New Paradigms that are emerging in our world, so we can stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s Uplevel our lives and businesses TOGETHER and usher in a New Era of enlightened prosperity!


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